Suggested Checklist of Maintenance Items for a Tenant

This list is a suggested checklist for a tenant of those items which frequently feature in schedules of dilapidations. It is however only a starting point and it is not offered on the basis that it is comprehensive.

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1. Introduction

Often the tenant’s own commonsense will suggest additional items which should be added. Better still the tenant’s own surveyor could produce a suggested maintenance checklist for the particular building. In any event it is essential that the tenant ascertain from his legal advisor the precise scope of his repairing obligations because some items listed below on a correct construction of the lease might be excluded from the tenant’s repairing obligations whilst additional items might be included.

2. External Items


  • Renew missing and broken slates and other defective roofing and clear moss, algae and debris and leave in clean condition;
  • Repair any defective flat roofs, rooflights, skylights and dormers.
  • Clean gutters, eaves and flush and repair downpipes.
  • Repair any broken/defective lead-work.


  • Clean and polish windows, doors and surrounds, making good any rotten timber.
  • The manufacturers of certain windows in some instances recommend the regular application of specified substances to reduce the deterioration of surface coverings.
  • Rake out and make good all cracks in external plaster.
  • Replace and make good missing pointing between bricks.
  • Remove tenant name boards and signage and other tenant’s plant, such as CTV, satellite dishes, aerials and cabling at end of lease.
  • Repair or replace defective light fittings.
  • Redecorate in last year of lease in accordance with specific decorating covenants contained in the lease.

External Areas

  • Repair boundary walls and fences;
  • Make good repair and clean any hard standing area and paved areas;
  • Ensure rainwater gulleys are clean and free flowing.

3. Internal Items


  • Remove and make good tenant’s alterations at the end of the lease if the landlord has the right to demand reinstatement.
  • Remove all tenant’s furniture.
  • Ensure an asbestos survey and management plan is in place if appropriate.
  • Remove all tenant’s shelving, notice boards, internal signage (other than fire escape signage) and similar and make good holes in walls for redecoration.
  • Prepare all previously decorated surfaces including ceilings, soffits, walls, woodwork and metalwork and redecorate in last year of lease in accordance with specific decorating covenants in the lease. 
  • Replace any missing, damaged, discoloured ceiling tiles.
  • Replace/refix any loose or broken floor panels and floor boxes.
  • Clean down staircase nosings and replace worn inserts.
  • Remove all tenant’s security access locks and replace with original locks.

Windows and Doors

  • Ease, adjust, lubricate all windows and doors and ensure all in good working order.
  • Replace any double glazed units which have failed.
  • Replace any broken or non-matching door or window furniture.


  • Ensure all taps, flushes etc are operating satisfactorily.
  • Ensure all sanitary ware, taps etc are clean.
  • Remove accessories fitted to walls etc by tenant such as hand driers, soap and towel dispensers and make good holes in walls etc, ready for redecoration.
  • Replace cracked mirrors, tiles.
  • Ensure missing grouting between tiles is replaced and grouting throughout clean and “re-whiten”.
  • Replace mastic joints where necessary.


  • Repair or replace all damaged existing base and cupboard units and work tops.
  • Disconnect and remove all tenant’s white goods and make good where necessary.
  • Leave sink and taps operating satisfactorily and clean.
  • Deep clean tiles on walls and floors and ‘re-whiten’ tile grouting where necessary.
  • Replace mastic joints where necessary.

Plant Services and IT

  • Maintain operating manuals.
  • Obtain and retain service records and/or certificates for air-conditioning, lifts , emergency lighting and fire alarms and equipment and for electrical wiring/system.
  • Remove all tenant’s computer room equipment and data cabling throughout and make good.
  • Carry out service and clean all light fittings and diffusers; relamp where necessary.
  • Reposition ceiling lights and air conditioning units to original positions if they have been moved.
  • Clean dirty/dusty vents, extractors, air-conditioning units.

The information and expressions of opinion contained in this guide are not intended to be a comprehensive study or to provide legal advice and should not be treated as a substitute for specific advice concerning individual situations.